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Licorice Allsorts Traditional 1kg
$9.99 $7.99 Save $2.00 incl GST
Choc Mix Seconds 500gm *CLEARANCE*
Caramel Chunks 375gm
$7.50 $5.99 Save $1.51 incl GST
Spearmint Leaves Seconds 500gm *CLEARANCE*
Thanks a Mint 200's *SPECIAL*
$18.45 $14.99 Save $3.46 incl GST
Mini Fruit Chews 350gm *CLEARANCE*
Coconut Ice 300gm *CLEARANCE*
Gummi Party Mix 350gm *CLEARANCE*
Sour Party Mix 350gm *CLEARANCE*
Jelly Beans Seconds 500gm *CLEARANCE*
Lolly Scramble 350gm Seconds *CLEARANCE*
Licorice Allsorts 2kg
$21.95 $19.99 Save $1.96 incl GST
Lolly Jar Mix 650gm
$9.99 $7.99 Save $2.00 incl GST
Racing Cars - Chocolate 4 for $6
$6.00 $5.00 Save $1.00 incl GST
Jelly Beans Seconds 500gm - 3 for $10
Mini Chocolate Hearts 25's Misty Grey (Celebration)
$10.95 $8.85 Save $2.10 incl GST
Mini Fruit Chews
Jelly Beans Multicoloured - Bulk 10kg
French Nougat Bar 75gm x 3
$6.90 $5.00 Save $1.90 incl GST
Choc Balls Black Foiled 50's
$16.80 $12.99 Save $3.81 incl GST
Choc Balls Pink Foiled 50's
$16.80 $12.99 Save $3.81 incl GST
Choc Balls Purple Foiled 50's
$16.80 $12.99 Save $3.81 incl GST
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